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The GUITAR BOXES on offer are a roughly structured (but useful!) selection of mainly basic chord patterns. The empty sheet is there simply to provide a ready to go 'standby' for lessons.

Clicking on a link in the right hand column of the table below should 'auto-launch' the 'Acrobat Reader'. You can then either print directly or save for future reference or duplication. If you do not have Acrobat Reader on your computer, it can be obtained by following the link at the foot of this page, or by visiting the freedownloads page.

Description Click below to select
Major Primaries (E;A;D;G)  ONE 
Minor Primaries (E;A;D;G)  TWO 
Variations Around C  THREE 
Hotch-Potch  FOUR 
Juicy Jazzies  JETHRO'S 
A Set of Empty Boxes  MT 
Basic 12 Bar Blues (In E)  12 Bar (A) 
12 Bar Blues - Variation 1 (In E)  12 Bar (B) 
12 Bar Blues - Variation 2 (In E)  12 Bar (C) 
Click on the Acrobat Reader logo to access the Adobe site.
You will be able to select options from there.

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