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The QUIZZES below should 'auto-launch' the Acrobat Reader and display on screen. If you do not have Acrobat Reader, it can be downloaded free of charge. Either click on the Acrobat logo at the bottom of the list of quizzes, or go to our  freedownloads  page. More  INFO  below.
When the quiz displays, you may choose to print directly, or save for future reference or duplication. If you need answers (don't we all!) you can request them by e-mail or through Facebook. It's always helpful to get feedback from any music teachers or students using material from this site.


Quiz Description Click below to select Trivia Click below to
Recognition of basic music symbols.  QUIZ 1   50s Pop Trivia ...for Granny and Grandad!  TRIVIA 50 
More recognition of basic music symbols.  QUIZ 2   60s Pop Trivia ...for ageing hippies everywhere!  TRIVIA 60 
Musical symbols with questions.  QUIZ 3   70s Pop Trivia ...dust down your platforms!  TRIVIA 70 
More musical symbols with questions.  QUIZ 4   80s Pop Trivia ...get out the jump suits girls!  TRIVIA 80 
Note value 'sums'  and requests to draw symbols.  QUIZ 5   90s Pop Trivia ...a 'reality TV' free zone!  TRIVIA 90 
Note value 'sums'  and chord recognition (Kbds).  QUIZ 6    00s Pop Trivia ...a 21st Century Break?  TRIVIA 00 
Chord recognition (Kbds) and 'italian' terms.  QUIZ 7   Rock Trivia ...mainly contemporary rock!  ROCK TRIVIA 
Chord recognition (Kbds) and 'italian' terms.  QUIZ 8  Beatles Trivia - all you need is... answers! BEATLES 
Musical symbol recognition. (Multiple choice format)  QUIZ 9    Classical Trivia CLASSICAL 
Musical symbol recognition. (Multiple choice format)  QUIZ 10  Jazz Trivia ...swing that quiz Daddio! JAZZ 
Mapping Tests      
 Note values. Beats & Symbols 1. (A 'mapping' test)  MAP 1     
 Note values. Beats & Symbols 2. (More 'mapping')  MAP 2     
 Note values. Ancient & Modern?. (Vocabulary!)  MAP 3     

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QUIZ PAGE INFO                   

The quizzes offered here are aimed at early stage instrumental students, though they will also be useful in classroom situations. Note values range from whole notes to sixteenths, include reference to 'dotted' values and ties, but exclude triplets (etc). Except in the 'mapping' tests, note value sums avoid fractions of beats in the answers. The chord recognition element is mainly aimed at keyboard students, and the examples are loosely based around the C major triad in root position set in the bass clef an octave below middle 'C'. Each quiz sheet consists of ten questions and includes a mark box. The 'mapping' exercises and trivia sheets have different layouts. 

The trivia sheets are designed purely for fun, though that does not mean we've made them easy. Good luck... and enjoy.

Remember that you do not need to 'set' these quizzes (or tests) as an 'unaided task'. Try chatting through some of them with your students. This co-operative approach can be enjoyable and useful for student and teacher alike.

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You will be able to select options from there.

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